Monday, May 17, 2021

Jeremy Leabres #3.

Explosions in the sky.

Jeremy had the opening part in Emerica's Made video in 2013. It was his introduction to the skateboard world at large. He's still on Emerica and has turned pro for Toy Machine in the years since. I'm a fan and it's not just because he skated to Polvo in Programming Injection.

Vert Is Dead is creeping up to its 13th anniversary on Friday so I put together an odd mix of Emerica and Altamont with a plot twist at the end for the week.

The Skateboard Mag - November 2013 Issue 116

Friday, May 14, 2021

Todd Bratrud #2.

Todd Congelliere tattoo.

Todd is from Crookston, Minnesota. He moved to Minneapolis in the early 1990s for art school. He became friends with Steve Nesser, Seth McCallum, and Clint Peterson. Todd also started doing graphics for Fobia, the local shop. This led to a job doing graphics for Consolidated. He did some classics at the Cube, such as the "Congratulations, it's a man!" deck. These days Todd does freelance work for a variety of companies including Creature, Nike, Heroin, and more. The Skateboard Mag employed him as an illustrator, too. He used to work as a package designer at a design firm that had Nabisco and Coca-Cola for clients.

Todd's photo is by Sam McGuire.

For the info: The Skateboard Mag - August 2013 Issue 113

The Skateboard Mag - January 2014 Issue 118

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Preston Harper & Scott "Horsey" Walker.

Talk to the giant foam hand.

Preston Harper is from Arizona and lives out in Portland, Oregon. He turned pro for Send Help in 2016. He also does video and photographic production work for a few different companies.

Scott "Horsey" Walker is from Essex, England. He rode for Death Skateboards before Send Help and is now back on their team. He's a dad and living in England.

I should brush up on my knowledge of Midwestern skateboarding. Outpost and Grains Preservation Society are a couple of my favorite videos ever. I feel like I know of the guys on Send Help, but not much more beyond that.

Bonafide Supply Store from the middle of Great Britain has some neat interviews up on their website. I added them to the link list.

Preston's photo is by Sam McGuire and Horsey's photo is by Rob Shaw.

Preston: The Skateboard Mag - December 2013 Issue 117

Horsey: The Skateboard Mag - February 2014 Issue 119

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Justin Modica & Marty Murawski.

Gnarly drops & tight manuals.

Justin is from Phoenix, Arizona. He did turn pro for Send Help a couple years ago and is a pool shredder.

Marty is from Mesa, Arizona. He had previously ridden for Blueprint and was on DVS.

Justin's photo is by Sam McGuire and Marty's photo is by Matt Price.

Justin: The Skateboard Mag - October 2013 Issue 115

Marty: The Skateboard Mag - November 2013 Issue 116

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Randy Ploesser & Brian Heck.


Randy is from St. Louis, Missouri. He was sponsored by Birdhouse before switching to Send Help.

Brian is from Bellfield, North Dakota. He has also ridden for Iota and Consolidated.

Rather than leave anybody out of Send Help week, I think I scanned everybody on the team. For simplicity's sake I paired up riders into shared posts.

Randy's photo is by Andy Wissman and Brian's photo is by Tom Kemmer.

Randy: The Skateboard Mag - August 2013 Issue 113

Brian: The Skateboard Mag - September 2013 Issue 114

Monday, May 10, 2021

Steve Nesser #5.

Windmilling in the Midwest.

This week is a look at Send Help. The company came about in the early 2010s after The High Five came to an end. The High Five was started by artist Todd Bratrud, Brian Heck, Preston Harper, and Steve Fauser in 2010. They lasted a couple years before changing over to Send Help. I think there might have been a distribution deal with NHS at one point, but I'm not positive. Anyway, Send Help carried on with the Todd's creative artwork and a crew of rippers from the middle of the country. I am not sure if they are still around, but I always liked their graphics.

The photo is by Jon Coulthard.

The Skateboard Mag - July 2013 Issue 112

Friday, May 7, 2021

Slam Dunk.

This is the best ad Baker has ever done. Bryan Herman, Terry Kennedy, and Andrew Reynolds hit the hardwood for what looks like a rough game of hoops. Is it a tip of the hat to the classic Sal Barbier ollie Japan off a launch ramp on a basketball court for 23?

The Favorite Spot video with Anthony Van Engelen about the curved green bench was great.

Never forget Tim Brauch.

The Skateboard Mag - March 2013 Issue 108.