Friday, April 19, 2019

Duane Pitre #4.

Ode to Pitre.

Duane wasn't in Mind Field riding his skateboard, but he did have some of his music in the video. It was a nice touch to have one of the original riders involved with the project.

That's a picture of Growing, the guitar drone duo who also had tunes in Mind Field. It's from a 2006 show in Buffalo at Soundlab. I figure since I'm taking next week off to throw in a little bonus content for the day.

The spring weather is finally here, not that our winter was particularly bad. I've been breaking in a new set of trucks over the last three weeks. They feel fine, but it still feels a smidge odd. I think I was so used to my old decayed trucks that the change is throwing me for a loop in a good way. My board is much more stable now. The lesson in all of this is to maybe not ride the same pair of trucks for a decade.

Vert Is Dead will be back on Monday, April 29th. I need a break. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments as I'm a little short on ideas at the moment.

Transworld - February 1993 Volume 11 Number 2

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Heath Kirchart #12.

Cowboy hat.

Mind Field would feature the last part of entirely new footage from Heath. Coincidentally, his efforts were also the last part in the video. He retired from the pro ranks in 2010. In rewatching the section yesterday evening, I got the feeling he knew he was done and went all out. There are the expected big rails and gaps, but there are other tricks you wouldn't associate with Heath. He does huge frontside and backside 360 flyouts at a skatepark, a frontside noseslide on a handrail, a 180 to fakie 50-50 on a rail, and double flips a picnic table in a schoolyard. Those were all a little out of the ordinary. He does a few opposite footed bangers, with a switch kickflip over a rail and a switch kickflip to boardslide down a rail. Heath adds some ledge lines at the same spots the other guys on the team were skating and even has an inside of the ledge trick with a long bluntslide. The 50-50 he did for the cover of the Skateboard Mag's second issue is in the video, which is probably the oldest trick since it was from 2004 or maybe 2003. The usual favorites are accounted for, meaning lots of backside tailslides and lipslides, frontside and backside bluntslides, and floating ollies over big gaps. Many a trick is either flipped into or out of. He gets a noseblunt on the opposite side down a banister, too. In a tip of the hat to Jeremy Klein, a picnic table is placed down a big set of stairs for a frontside 50-50 and a lipslide. This photo is the second to final trick in the vid, with the ender being a backside kickflip across the same street. The use of Speedway by Morrissey adds a dramatic touch that pairs well with what Heath was doing on his skateboard.

The picture is by Anthony Acosta.

Transworld - September 2008 Volume 26 Number 9

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Anthony Van Engelen #6.

Model airplane.

Ten things about Anthony's part in Mind Field:

1. Ollies out of banks to flat twice.
2. 50-50s in some very tight spots.
3. Lip tricks at DIY transition places.
4. There aren't many flip tricks.
5. Half Cab noseslide to backside tailslide.
6. Danny Way guest appearance.
7. Half Cab crooked grinds.
8. Fakie ollie nosegrind and fakie 50-50 on handrails.
9. Straight into and out of everything, no flips in or out.
10. Ollies over rails to 5-0, nosegrind, and 50-50.

The photo is by Ryan Allen.

Thrasher - October 2009 Volume 29 Number 10

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mikey Taylor #3.


Mikey's part in Mind Field picks up with where he left off after Skate More. It features some of the same spots, too. You get a blend of tech and big handrails from Mikey. He puts together really solid ledge lines. I like how smoothly he carves around between the tricks. Everything is landed perfectly. Mikey skates some huge handrails, such as the one in this ad. He lands a lengthy switch 50-50, a long distance crooked grind, combines a frontside feeble and a tailslide, and ends on a 50-50 to dirt ride as a somber Dinosaur Jr. song plays. The part also features a tribute to his late friend Van Wastell, who passed away in 2008.

Thrasher - April 2009 Volume 29 Number 4

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tyler Bledsoe #3.

Painting on glass.

Tyler's skateboarding seems very mellow to me. He's doing hard tricks, but there's a relaxed atmosphere to how he does them so it looks easy. For his part in Mind Field, Tyler throws down a number of bigspins, either as a stand alone trick or into/out of another trick. He locks into a long backside Smith grind, a long frontside feeble, and a long switch backside nose grind. Those three stood out to me. The guy takes on the inside of ledges as well as a couple of big gaps. The Thom Yorke voiced Modeselektor track adds to the mellow atmosphere of his skateboarding. It also references Jason Dill using Radiohead in Photosynthesis.

The switch heelflip photo is by Sam McGuire and the portrait is by Chad Bowers.

Transworld - May 2009 Volume 27 Number 5

Friday, April 12, 2019

Jason Dill #14.

Cellphone balloon.

Dill's part in Mind Field features a variety of manuals, DIY transition spots, slappys, and wallrides. He does a number of feeble grinds, too. There are even a couple of ollies. You get a glimpse of his life with scenes of his daily newspaper fascination and his crust palace of an apartment. The Animal Collective song that was used is fine for the section and fits well with the skating.

It's probably a toss up between Josh Kalis and Dill for my favorite part from Mind Field. Both guys were kind of in different places in their lives and what they were doing, but it somehow works perfectly for each.

The rough tiled volcano blaster in Thessaloniki, Greece photo is by Mike O'Meally.

Transworld - April 2009 Volume 27 Number 4

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Grant Taylor #4.

Model rocketry.

Grant's part in Mind Field opens up with a model rocket lifting off and some blistering guitar tones from J Mascis. Since the video was filmed over the span of four years, we get to see Grant grow up and watch his trick selection progress. The earlier footage is a whole lot of jumping down big gaps and the later footage is more handrails plus transitions. His style reminds me of Brandon Westgate to an extent. I like his half Cab to backside 50-50 down a rail. He also ollies a triple set, which isn't really something you think of him doing. Grant spends some time in the Atlanta streets by hitting up the spots Andy Howell made famous, too. The Workshop turned him pro by the end of 2009 and he won SOTY of the year for 2011.

Shout out to Street Piracy.

The photo is by Ryan Flynn.

Thrasher - September 2009 Volume 29 Number 9