Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jason Carney #4.

Slappy's Garage.

Jason is from San Diego, California. He was an am on the later days of H-Street who was one of the first to take backside lipslides down handrails. He switched to Planet Earth and then to Maple in 1994. Jason was also sponsored by Airwalk. There were a few video parts for Maple from him that featured lots of big ollies, handrails, and some surprising tech tricks. He runs Slappy's Garage Skateboard Shop currently.

Ed Dominick worked the shutter.

Transworld - April 1996 Volume 14 Number 4

Monday, January 30, 2017

Maple Team 1996.

Tree Squad.

Maple was launched by Charlie Watson and former G & S team manager Chris Capparo in 1994. Jason Carney and Kien Lieu left Planet Earth to ride for the new company. Ed Dominick was the team manager and turned into the team photographer as things moved along. The roster for 1996 included Carney, Lieu, Marc Johnson, Chad Knight, Dave Mayhew, Joe McLellan, and Aaron Snyder.

The photos are by Ed Dominick.

Transworld - February 1996 Volume 14 Number 2

Friday, January 27, 2017

Danny Montoya #2.

Nollie heelflips & frontside crooks.

Danny is from Garden Grove, California. He grew up skateboarding with his brother and future Planet Earth am Dennis Bellew. Chris Miller and Jordan Richter were two of his favorite pros. He was sponsored by PE and turned pro for Rhythm. After Planet Earth ended, he started Listen with Rob Gonzalez, which later turned into BLVD. He's ridden for Duffs and Adio for footwear. He works as a real estate broker in addition to running BLVD these days.

Maple on Monday.

Once again the photo is by Chris Ortiz and the graphic design is by Jose Gomez.

Transworld - October 1996 Volume 14 Number 10

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ryan Bartsma.

The Explanation of Rhythm.

Ryan put down some switch street skateboarding in Rhythm's Genesis video from 1997 while the techno beats pulsed. He also did more of the same in All Systems Go from Pig Wheels, except Josh Beagle picked a Man… Or Astroman tune for the part.

Yesterday started off rainy, but transformed into a mild and sunny day by the end. I got in a good half hour of skateboarding at the park after work. I'm foreseeing snow shoveling in the immediate future.

Those fakie pop shove-it tail grabs that Daniel Vargas does on ramps are sick.

The photo is by Chris Ortiz photo and Jose Gomez was designer.

Transworld - September 1996 Volume 14 Number 9

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jerry Fowler.

Me & You, Remembering.

Jerry is from El Toro, California. He was first sponsored by Ed Templeton for TV, the company Ed started with Mike Vallely when they left the New Deal. Jerry was brought along for the ride for Television and then the start of Toy Machine. After things didn't work out at Toy Machine, he rode for Planet Earth and was part of the original team at Rhythm. His later sponsors would include DNA and Hopps. He was also on Dukes Shoes, Converse, and Pig Wheels over the years. His part in Pig's All Systems Go video from 1997 is a cool little segment. Jerry is an EMT in Boston the last I knew.

Jerry has never been on Vert Is Dead before. He's only been in shared Toy Machine ads up until now. That kind of surprised me.

Chris Ortiz snapped the photo and Jose Gomez did the design.

Transworld - July 1996 Volume 14 Number 7

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chany Jeanguenin #2.

Block rockin' beats.

The photo is by Lance Dawes and the graphic design by Jose Gomez.

Transworld - May 1996 Volume 14 Number 5

Monday, January 23, 2017

Richard Angelides.

Three-Dee Melodie.

Rhythm was started as a second company out of Planet Earth in 1995. Felix Arguelles was in charge of the brand and Jose Gomez handled the graphic design. Jose is from Miami, Florida and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to work with Andy Howell. He had been doing artwork for the New Deal prior to Rhythm. The company had a sporty and athletic look to their graphics and ads.

Richard is from Dallas, Texas. He was on Planet Earth before making the in house switch over to Rhythm. He had several video parts of technical street skating with an emphasis on flip tricks.

It was like spring on Saturday and I got in a couple of hours at the park in the afternoon. The weather returns to our normally scheduled winter programing by the end of the week.

Chris Ortiz took the photo and Jose Gomez did the graphic design.

Transworld - April 1996 Volume 14 Number 4

Friday, January 20, 2017

Joey Bast #2.

Can I kick it?

Joey is from Denver, Colorado, but also grew up in Seattle, Washington. Real was his first sponsor and rode for them up until 1996 when he switched to Planet Earth. He had a part in Silver. His switch game was on point. He works as a golf pro these days.

I got Welcome's Fetish video yesterday. They have great customer service because I ordered it on Monday and it showed up in the mail on Thursday. In these hectic times, it's nice to have another feel good thing to watch. Fetish features a bunch of synth pop and full parts from the whole team. There's a lot of early grabs and late shove-its, too. Ryan Lay, Will Blaty, Nora Vasconcellos, Jason Salillas, and Daniel Vargas have strong sections. Ryan and Daniel are doing some serious shredding.

It's going to be warmer this weekend with a slight chance of rain. It feels like skateboarding will be possible with a little careful planning and paying attention to the forecast.

A look at Rhythm for next week.

Dave Swift took the photo.

Transworld - November 1996 Volume 14 Number 11

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kenny Anderson #2.

Life of Leisure.

Kenny is another Planet Earth rider from Las Vegas, Nevada. His brother Kyle was also in the ranks of sponsored skateboarders. Kenny turned pro for PE and stayed with the team until the end. He then joined the Crailtap crew and is still sponsored by Chocolate. Converse were his shoes of choice and Kenny was on the company during their first go-round with skateboarding in the mid to late 1990s. Later, he rocked Adio until that brand ended and he wound up on Converse round two when they got the band back together. Everything he does is so smooth and stylish.

Transworld - April 1995 Volume 13 Number 4

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rick Jaramillo #3.

This or that.

Rick is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He was first sponsored by and turned pro for Blockhead. As Blockhead was coming to an end, he switched over to Planet Earth. Rick had video parts in 1995's Hiatus and 1996's Silver. His skateboarding featured a lot of tech and switch tricks set to tunes by either Black Sheep or A Tribe Called Quest.

That's Matt Schnurr chilling in the background.

The photo is by Steve Sherman.

Transworld - May 1994 Volume 12 Number 5

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Felix Arguelles & Brian Howard.

Double shot.

I went with a through the years approach to Planet Earth week instead of using the ads I really liked the design of from 1995. I'm planning on doing another week of those ads later on in the year. Anyway, PE was big on video grab sequences that featured two team riders in 1993. It didn't always looks great. This one was shot on film so it turned out much better.

Felix has been around forever. He was sponsored by World Industries before Planet Earth. He would go on to ride for Rhythm, as he fit the company's fresh image for sure. In addition to street, Felix could bust out on a vert ramp as well. Brian was pro for G & S prior to riding for Planet Earth.

The Howard photo is by Chris Ortiz and Arguelles photo is by Sarah.

Transworld - March 1993 Volume 11 Number 3

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mirko Mangum & Chris Miller.

The Third Planet.

Planet Earth was started in 1990 by Chris Miller after Schmitt Stix came to an end. He originally partnered with Tony Magnusson at H-Street before taking the operation solo. PE had a good run up until the early 2000s when they ceased production of decks to focus on clothing. A lot of guys were on the team over the years, including Brian Lotti, Felix Arguelles, Rick Jaramillo, Kenny Anderson, Brian Howard, and many more. There was also the sister company of Rhythm, which will be the focus of Vert Is Dead next week.

Mirko was pro. He wasn't on Planet Earth for as long as I thought he was. His ad appearances came to an end in 1993. He did get second behind Willy Santos at the 1993 pro contest at Radlands in Northampton, England. Tom Penny got third and probably should have won based on the clips from 411.

I managed to skateboard 221 times in 2016, although that last one was really cheap and barely counts. We started the year mild and then got snow. The weather is back to mild now so I've been able to get to the park a few times already.

The Miller sequence is by Grant Brittain. Maybe he also took the photo of Mirko.

Transworld - September 1992 Volume 10 Number 9