Monday, January 23, 2017

Richard Angelides.

Three-Dee Melodie.

Rhythm was started as a second company out of Planet Earth in 1995. Felix Arguelles was in charge of the brand and Jose Gomez handled the graphic design. Jose is from Miami, Florida and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to work with Andy Howell. He had been doing artwork for the New Deal prior to Rhythm. The company had a sporty and athletic look to their graphics and ads.

Richard is from Dallas, Texas. He was on Planet Earth before making the in house switch over to Rhythm. He had several video parts of technical street skating with an emphasis on flip tricks.

It was like spring on Saturday and I got in a couple of hours at the park in the afternoon. The weather returns to our normally scheduled winter programing by the end of the week.

Chris Ortiz took the photo and Jose Gomez did the graphic design.

Transworld - April 1996 Volume 14 Number 4


Anonymous said...

Jose Gomez is from Miami.

Justin said...

The Transworld Brain Floss from 1994 had him listed as being from Atlanta. Is that incorrect then?

Anonymous said...

he moved to atlanta from miami to work with andy howell.

Justin said...

Got it. Updated. Thanks for the information.