Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ryan Bartsma.

The Explanation of Rhythm.

Ryan put down some switch street skateboarding in Rhythm's Genesis video from 1997 while the techno beats pulsed. He also did more of the same in All Systems Go from Pig Wheels, except Josh Beagle picked a Man… Or Astroman tune for the part.

Yesterday started off rainy, but transformed into a mild and sunny day by the end. I got in a good half hour of skateboarding at the park after work. I'm foreseeing snow shoveling in the immediate future.

Those fakie pop shove-it tail grabs that Daniel Vargas does on ramps are sick.

The photo is by Chris Ortiz photo and Jose Gomez was designer.

Transworld - September 1996 Volume 14 Number 9


Bill said...

These ads are like a car wreck. Painful to look at but hard to look away. Keep them coming though!

Maurice said...

I don't think these ads are bad necessarily, but I don't know if they work for skateboarding. I guess it's all subjective

Justin said...

The ads are cluttered with a lot more stuff than we are used to seeing in skateboarding.

Basically, Jose was exploring the new technology that was available at the time to see what all you could do with it. It suddenly became much easier to design things for printing that would have been difficult to impossible to do with old methods. The design is probably partly inspired by arty music mags like Raygun, who were doing similar things. It's a learning process so there are going to be a couple of swings and misses along the way and that's just fine.

I don't think Rhythm ads are awesome, although there are parts that are good. I'm not going to be overly critical of a designer in his low 20s seeing what all you can do with a computer. At this point I'm looking for stuff that hasn't been on here already since I've covered a lot over the years.

nonickname said...

my quick take on it is that all the extra lines, elliptical shapes makes the trick look smaller as all the empty space has been filed. diminishes the product in my eyes.