Monday, January 16, 2017

Mirko Mangum & Chris Miller.

The Third Planet.

Planet Earth was started in 1990 by Chris Miller after Schmitt Stix came to an end. He originally partnered with Tony Magnusson at H-Street before taking the operation solo. PE had a good run up until the early 2000s when they ceased production of decks to focus on clothing. A lot of guys were on the team over the years, including Brian Lotti, Felix Arguelles, Rick Jaramillo, Kenny Anderson, Brian Howard, and many more. There was also the sister company of Rhythm, which will be the focus of Vert Is Dead next week.

Mirko was pro. He wasn't on Planet Earth for as long as I thought he was. His ad appearances came to an end in 1993. He did get second behind Willy Santos at the 1993 pro contest at Radlands in Northampton, England. Tom Penny got third and probably should have won based on the clips from 411.

I managed to skateboard 221 times in 2016, although that last one was really cheap and barely counts. We started the year mild and then got snow. The weather is back to mild now so I've been able to get to the park a few times already.

The Miller sequence is by Grant Brittain. Maybe he also took the photo of Mirko.

Transworld - September 1992 Volume 10 Number 9

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