Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sean Malto.

Kansas City Royalty.

My favorite baseball team is back in the playoffs for the first time since 1985 so I had to switch it up for the day and go with KC's biggest star since George Brett.

It will be back to 1995 tomorrow.

The photos are by Oliver Barton.

Thrasher - February 2010 Volume 30 Number 2

Monday, September 29, 2014

Salman Agah #3.

Nollie blast.

I dug through some old catalogs to track down info about Salman's pro shoe from Vans. It was called the Camel Toe and was released in 1994. According to the CCS blurb, the shoe featured a double reinforced ollie section, extra fat padded tongue, stiff heel and arch, a toe bumper, and stronger diagonal cut laces. You could grip a pair for $52.95 in navy, chocolate, brick or black.

Transworld - May 1995 Volume 13 Number 5

Friday, September 26, 2014

Remy Stratton #8.

Flying kites.

It's been way too long since I posted a Remy photo. Check out the Salman Agah kicks he is wearing.

The photo might be by Paul "Skin" Phillips.

Transworld - February 1995 Volume 13 Number 2

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Drake Jones #5.

"If you run into a kid in SF named Drake be sure not to touch his hair. When he's not out filming with the twins or taking photos with Bryce or Mike, you can probably catch him at Eddie's for breakfast. When he is not playing poker or breaking D-scrubs for his last bill, you will find Drake playing dice with Black-ass Marcus against the kitchen wall. Gravediggaz and Nas are the tunes at night and Crooklyn is the movie at the Red Vic. Drake's skating is usually at its best when his new pair of GTs are broken in. Athletic, confident and smooth all characterize his skating, and he is always down for the late-late-night DMV session. The combo of East and West suit Drake just fine as he is also known as a good roommate. Shots out to the Dungeon." - Jesse Jones McMillin

Be rather than seam.

I took today off from work. I needed the break. I went skateboarding for a while this morning to get some new shoes broken in. It went better than I thought. Back to the grind tomorrow. The weather here has been holding up pretty well so I've been getting a lot of on board time in the evenings.

Tobin Yelland took the photo.

For the write up: Thrasher - December 1994 Volume 14 Number 12

Thrasher - August 1995 Volume 15 Number 8

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marc Johnson #8.

"Sorry, split coffee on the perfume ad shots and the urban shot didn't come out. So we had to use skateboarding."

There's a little MJ humor in a Direction Wheels advertisement.

Lance Dalgart snapped the photo.

Thrasher - May 1995 Volume 15 Number 5

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phil Shao #11.


The dearly departed Phil Shao gets tech with a nollie heelflip.

It's mildly interesting to note that a lot of the earlier Etnies ads were run in conjunction with mail order company Cali4nia SkateExpress.

The photo is by Bryce Kanights.

Transworld - February 1995 Volume 13 Number 2

Monday, September 22, 2014

Julien Stranger #17.

Real Pulp Fiction.

I dig that Max Schaaf anarchy graphic.

Thrasher - April 1995 Volume 15 Number 4

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gabriel Rodriguez #2.

Congrats on hitting the big 2-0, Chocolate.

Gabe photos are always so perfect.

Transworld - July 1995 Volume 13 Number 7

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daewon Song #2.

Two things have come to my attention in the new issue of Transworld:

1. There is 24 shot sequence of Daewon kickfliping out of a blunt on a quarterpipe and then doing a fakie nose manual from the tranny to the curb for Knox Hardware. It looks like a bunch of video grabs, even though it was shot with a much nicer camera than anything in 1993. The quarterpipe requires hopping up a curb before you get to it, which is how that combo is possible, if you are Daewon.

2. OJ is making 42mm Dingle Berries wheels that come in a fake cereal box.

So cheer up you old curmudgeons who miss the 1990s. Things haven't changed a bit.

Thrasher - July 1995 Volume 15 Number 7

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Anthony Van Engelen #5.


I've been on a Channel One kick. AVE rode for Jinx's company before Twenty Three, the Alien Workshop, and Fucking Awesome. He is currently filming for the much anticipated Vans video.

Work is still nutty, but I did manage to check out Bill Strobeck's Joyride video yesterday. The kids sure can do impossibles over very high obstacles. Like most things today, there were parts of it I dug and parts that didn't do much for me. I did like that it had more rider names than Cherry. The Gonz driving is scary.

Transworld - August 1995 Volume 13 Number 8

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sean Young #3.

Demolition derby skateboarding.

Fun bit of trivia: This is the second Anti-Hero ad ever.

The photos are probably by Tobin Yelland.

Thrasher - October 1995 Volume 15 Number 10

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jeremy Klein #3.


It's good to see this guy is still around and popping up on assorted blogs.

Miki Vuckovich took the photos.

Transworld - November 1995 Volume 13 Number 11

Friday, September 12, 2014

Max Schaaf #9.

A young Max dropping in and carving around. Forties always used vintage photos from the younger days of their riders in the early ads.

Slap - May 1996 Volume 5 Number 5

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Matt Rodriguez #3

Struggle ollie into a bank on wobbly trucks.

Old Stereo ads had such good graphic design.

What's going on in skateboarding these days? I mean that as an in general question, not implying that anything is more amiss than usual. I haven't been keeping up with a whole bunch of websites lately due to work.

Thrasher - August 1996 Volume 16 Number 8

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tim McKenney #3.

Foxy Man.

There's been somewhat of an ongoing online documentation of the assorted tricks that have gone done at the China Banks over the years. I don't know if Tim's nosepick has been added to that list yet, but here it is today.

Slap - August 1996 Volume 5 Number 8

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Karma Tsocheff #7.

I had that Alan Petersen deck back in 1996.

Is anybody out there in skateboard land sitting on now expired stock of Fallen Patriot II's? Those are the only shoes I've skated in for the last few years and I'm partial to them. Solid cupsole, well padded upper, resembles something from the mid 1990s. My current pair will be done any day now. I've got a new pair of Fallen Patriot III's, but those seem different. Get in touch if you've got some 10 1/2s.

The photo is by Tomás Hate.

Slap - November 1996 Volume 5 Number 11

Monday, September 8, 2014

Justin Girard #3.

Brand X to Circle A to Dogtown to New Deal to Mad Circle to software development.

Mike Blabac was the photographer.

Slap - April 1996 Volume 5 Number 4

Friday, September 5, 2014


What we do is secret.

Subliminal was a company created by the late Blaize Blouin and artist Shepard Fairey, of Andre The Giant Has a Posse fame among other things.

Slap - October 1996 Volume 5 Number 10

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Scott Johnston #2.

The Hard Way.

This is doing a trick the opposite way of what your body's natural rotation would be to do something. It can also apply to doing a trick on the other side of an obstacle that wouldn't normally be skated in that manner. Without checking the footage, I'm pretty sure Gonz probably did a grind or something the hard way in Video Days. Scott's frontside 180 nose grind might be the first case of a trick being labeled as such, but I'm not positive. The kids are so dang good these days that it has become somewhat commonplace. The tricks usually end up looking pretty cool.

Mike Blabac photographed the sequence.

Slap - January 1996 Volume 5 Number 1

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Josh Beagle #9.


Slap - July 1996 Volume 5 Number 7

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Illuminati's Copper Essay.

Since summer is ending and school is back in session, you might as well get ready for some homework.

Illuminati was Ricky Oyola's project and was backed by Zoo York, hence the similarities in design. The team would include Tim O'Connor, Sergei Trudnowski, Greg Harris, and Matt Reason.

Ryan Gee snapped the photos.

Slap - December 1996 Volume 5 Number 12