Friday, October 17, 2008

Julien Stranger #7.

You ever have one of those mediocre weeks? Nothing bad happens, yet at the same time nothing good happens either. It's all work, work, work, blah, blah, blah. That's been my week. It rained after skateboarding for ten minutes one day and I missed seeing a band play another day. You aren't a happy camper and you're not sure what it's going to take to snap you out of the funk. But then you see something that instantly turns everything around for you. And going with my theory that I'm getting dumber as I get older, it usually takes something random or ridiculous to make that change. The less grown up or adult, the better.

I went to a house party with some bands last night. When I got there I saw that two of my friends had Wizard Staffs going in full effect. This is what put me in good mood. For those who don't know, a Wizard Staff is made from beer cans and duct tape. Each time you get a new beer, you tape it on top of the old one. After a few cold ones, the staff starts to grow quickly. You reach official Wizard Status when the staff is taller than you are. It's probably not the best thing to have at a house party because after about six beers it takes up a lot of room, but whatever.

Just like everybody else, I can't wait to see the Beauty & The Beast DVD.

Thrasher - December 1996 Volume 16 Number 12

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