Friday, November 21, 2008

Jovontae Turner.

I didn't care for World Industries' Love Child video when it came out. I was expecting something more like Plan B's Questionable. Instead it was a bunch of little kids who looked even smaller by their oversized clothes and an oldies soundtrack. The oldies didn't fly by my freshman year of college taste in punk rock. I can't really say I like that type of sound today either. The baggy clothes I guess were fine by 1992 standards, but turquoise is a nasty color no matter what year or size. As time went on, I noticed people started saying that this was a good video. I gave it another chance and although it will never be one of my favorites, Love Child does have its moments. Or at the least it launched the careers of guys like Chico Brenes, Spencer Fujimoto and Daewon Song. Shiloh Greathouse deserves some props, too. However, Jovantae Turner skated like a grown man with proper style in this sea of Bob shirts and 42" Blind jeans. I watched Love Child recently on the VCR and I wish he had given us a few more full video parts instead of disappearing.

Luke Ogden took the photo at Wallenberg.

Transworld - August 1991 Volume 9 Number 8


AE said...

i bought love child for $10 when it came out. some kid came into the shop crying (tears flowing) that he got ripped off for $20 because the video was only 20 minutes long. the shop owner was pissed but gave the little kid back his money.

i stepped in and offered $10 for the used copy. the owner looked at me and asked "you realize it's a short video, right?" i told him "don't worry, i'm not gonna be a crying little pussy and try to return the video".

the video was worth $10 for jovantae's and daewon's parts alone. jed walters did the most proper kickflip at the end of his part too.

i liked the video a lot because i felt like i could relate to what those dudes were doing as compared with the plan b dudes. the plan b dudes were just off the charts bananas.

Justin said...

Jed's kickflip was hella nice.

Plan B team was some other level shit. I had the 101 promo - McNatt, Peterson, Gabe and Markovich - and Tim & Henry's Pack Of Lies from the same time. Both of those were good and fun to watch. I was hoping love Child would have been about the same, but it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Jovantae is a sick fixie bike rider!
Check him at "Mash Sf" video!

Keep on blogging!