Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Greg Hunt #2.

It is always nice to see somebody who just keeps doing their thing and doesn't become a kook or a weirdo over time. Not that people should stay stuck in one place or decline opportunities if they are presented with them, but it is refreshing to see that some of the pros you used to look up to as a kid are still cool. Jim Thiebaud comes to mind. I kind of forgot about him somehow until I started following him on Twitter. He's still down for skateboarding and having fun between the rehab and checking emails.

In a way, Greg Hunt is another example of this, except he came along after I wasn't a kid anymore and over the looking up at pros stage of life. He put in his time at Stereo, retired and got behind the lens of the video camera. He worked for DC to make their video before joining the Alien Workshop to film. Mind Field turned out great and fits in well with the overall Sect aesthetic while managing to cover new ground. Sure beats "blank used to be cool, but he totally sucks now."

Slap - December 1996 Volume 5 Number 12

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