Monday, August 24, 2009

Dogtown Chalkboard.

Summer is over as of today because I go back to teaching college kids art.

I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight and I can go ride around after class. I got a new board on Saturday that needs to be skated.

Thrasher - November 1990 Volume 10 Number 11


Old School Sammy said...

What's the new set-up?

justin said...

A blue Guy Mariano two tone. Same old Ventures and Spitfires.

I almost bought a Zoo York board, but came to my senses. The shape looked good and I liked the graphics. If it was ten years ago, I would have bought it.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that college is back in, not because it means fall is coming and the temps are getting cooler, but more because the hot ass girls are back in town. There a grocery store on campus and it is absolutely flooded with hot chicks.

As for the set up, Spitfires? I cannot ride those without getting flatspots within five minutes of skating them. I'm backing the Bones SPF ans STF formulas. I never have to worry about flatspots with those.

- Rikku Markka

justin said...

I've never had a problem with Spitfires getting flatspots as far back as I can remember. I got into the habit of rotating my wheels around after every couple of sessions a long time ago so that probably takes care of any impending problems. I've been slacking on doing that lately, but the wheels seem OK.

I know what you mean about the girls being back in town. Just don't do the math to figure out when they were born. It's instantly depressing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the Spitfires that you've never had a problem. The last pair I rode, our rep at Deluxe sent an extra set of some Parkburners to our shop (because reps do that sometimes to hook you up if you're a long-standing customer). Anyway, I rode them, and I did a tailslide in the ramp - our park is concrete - and I could feel the flatspot as I rode down the wall.

- Rikku Markka

Justin said...

I'm sure I've typed this before, but I'm not the person to judge equipment by. Any product that everybody has problems with always ends up working fine for me and vice versa.

I only use the 56 or 57 mm regular Spitfires in white and whatever hardness they come in. I just pick out whatever is that size and doesn't have really sucky graphics. I avoid anything like cores or special hardness scales or formulas.

Anonymous said...

56/57mms usually are a wider wheel, so that could make for less flatspots. I'm in the 52/53mm range, so my wheels are usually skinny.

-Rikku Markka