Monday, February 15, 2010

Josh Beagle.

It's going to be Josh Beagle all week. Josh was pro for Foundation for most of the 90s and maybe even a little of the 2000s before retiring the board with his name on it. He did a lot of work behind the scenes for Foundation in terms of video editing and production, even when he was skating for them.

Note: The filmer for Baker was given the nickname Beagle for a slight resemblance to this former F-Trooper.

Slap - July 1992 Volume 1 Number 4


Anonymous said...

Josh Beagle is one of my favorites. He was a real rail chomper and I loved that he had huge feet, but still rode those tiny Foundation boards (some were 31 x 7.25); it just looked so ridiculous. I love Super Conductor Super Collider, Tentacles of Destruction, Rolling Thunder, and of course, Barbarians at the Gate

I also like that in the credits of Tum Yeto videos, it will say:

Josh Beagle

It never says:
Produced by
Josh Beagle

It's one of those weird grammar things that I always manage to notice.

Two scans I would like to see are his TWS cover sequence where kickflip boardlides that brown, 7-step rail (probably in '94). The mag was really thin back then. And his nollie lipslide on a rail, for a clothing company (I think sometime in '91 or '92). It may have been a Foundation ad, or even a Union wheels ad.

Rikku Markka

justin said...

The nollie lipslide was from an ad for Service Clothing in February 1993. His kf boardslide was in May 1993.

Unfortunately, neither one of those will appear here this week as the time machine dial is stuck firmly on 1992.

I've got some really good Beagle scans to fill out the week so you've really got nothing to worry about.

Keith said...

I thought the Baker filmer Beagle was Josh Beagle LOL

Anonymous said...

So how much is a new Josh Beagle board worth? I have 2 of them that I bought years ago; but I'm not a skater; I only liked the design on them.