Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steve Berra #2.


The kids know him these days as a skatepark operator and Alien Workshop pro, but back then Mr. Berra could throw down some mean tricks on the giant wooden U. He was also doing the latest tricks in the streets, too.

The pictures are by Chris Ortiz.

Thrasher - October 1992 Volume 12 Number 10


Keith said...

He sure uses gay a lot in a derogatory way in that interview.

Justin said...

No crap. It's not his most eloquent interview. I almost decided against posting it after I re-read it. I'm not very comfortable with it.

steve berra said...

I think they let you use the word gay back in 1992, but even if they didn't that's what you get when you pull a peck from Nebraska who doesn't know the difference between a noun a verb and an adjective and throw him in the pages of Thrasher 18 years ago. But look how straight my teeth are! I just got my braces off like a month before this photo. This is too funny to be embarrassed. :) -- sb

steve berra said...

Actually, upon closer inspection, I still have my braces on. I had clear braces. You can see if you look closely. Mike Carroll asked me one time if he could borrow my yellow coat, I said "what yellow coat?" he said, "the one on your teeth." Now that hurt. :) -- sb

smorales said...

lol berra

disco boy said...

lol at the "gay" thing.

it ain't the coolest, but i'm not going to judge. s'alright, kids will be kids. and call wack shit "gay". and then they grow up and try and be a little more considerate and discretionary.

at least twice a day, i find myself saying "those gwais ur FAGS" spicoli-style.