Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kris Markovich #12.

Kris rode for Blind after the curtains closed on Hollywood. He didn't stay long and left to do Crimson before starting Given. I'm not sure if that company is still going. We haven't heard from Kris in a while. How about checking in with the skateboarding media?

Blind ads are way more appealing to scan when there isn't some dumb cartoon in them.

The photo is by Ed Dominick.

Thrasher - March 2004 Volume 24 Number 3.

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Anonymous said...

Forgive me but I just want to rant:

I don't mean to talk shit on Given or Markovich at all, but it bothers me when business ventures started by older, well-respected pros don't gain the momentum that they could. I mean, and I'm not knocking you Justin, the fact that we have to question whether Given is still running is rough. I honestly don't know much about the inside of the skateboard industry but I know that within the last 1.5 years I haven't really seen any coverage from Given. I personally don't read that many mags and I don't read that many skate news websites, but I check the Thrasher, King Shit, and Slap sites occasionally and blogs like VID, I used to check the Berrics, and I never saw anything of Given. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't come to memory.

I'm not knocking Given, and I don't have a lot of experience with business, but is the company doing all it can for promotion? Promotions lead to profits. If Given's based out of Georgia, why doesn't the team go to DGK's Playground and film a part? I'd hope it's not that hard to get in there. I saw Given's Facebook page and there's basically nothing. A lot of promotion can be done over the internet. What about something with Ride Channel, I don't know. What about a few annual tours and demos around skateshops and parks in the South then eventually America and beyond, or collaborations with companies outside of skating like maybe a popular Georgia brewery, or most importantly promo videos sent to Thrasher and/or to skate blogs? I'd love to see new Emeric Pratt footage. The team is a good mix of people as well so the company can expand itself. There's so much that can be done.

I think Markovich's artwork is great as well. I don't know what his life's like but I think some of the boards look good and that he should paint more, make a cool video incorporating his art and the team's skating and release it, or maybe have joint art exhibits with other skaters. And off that topic, I just saw a new fucking Brian Lotti video part released by Transworld almost a year ago for the first time the other day. It's great, but it has little views. I personally think it should have way more b/c of how good he is. I also just saw Markovich's spotlight with Transworld on Youtube as well, also released almost a year ago. That has more views but still, is that really enough? And it was only him skating in it, no members of the team as day-in-the-life videos sometimes do. I think these videos should make more impact based on the respected pros they showcase, but maybe they will in time, or I have too many expectations for an industry which seems to base itself off what's new?

I know that less is more sometimes, but with any new venture things won't come in the beginning. I'd say that a new team has to really promote itself and skate hard to properly cement its brand, especially if the brand doesn't have an "image" as Given doesn't seem to have. Basically, I'd just be happy to see companies like Given, Telegraph (RIP), Studio, et al. and skateboarder-owned/operated skateshops which are smaller and deserving of recognition get their shine, and I'd like to see talented and respected skaters like Markovich get their due and more, that's all, it's work but that's life.