Tuesday, February 25, 2014

P.J. Ladd #2.

Another vanisher.

The sequence is by Mike Blabac.

Thrasher - December 2008 Volume 28 Number 12


Anonymous said...

How do guys like him not get coverage? And with that I'm discounting injuries and industry politics. No access to filmers is no longer a valid excuse because everyone has a camera these days.

So how (or why) does a top pro just go for months or years, without an ad or video clip?

--Rikku Markka

Justin said...

Saving everything for the Plan B video?

I wonder that, too. It's like the ultimate version of a 90s chilling pro who rides one video part for a couple years, except it gets stretched out for a, um, a decade.

I understand not seeing much of guys who are working at a company or want to take time off after a video, but if your job is to ride a skateboard professionally, there should be a little documentation every so often.

rnc said...

Does plan b even do anything for anyone any more? Will the new video even have a fraction of the impact of what we witnessed in 92? Do kids today (yeah I just actually used that phrase) even put plan b in a separate category of teams the way we used to?

Also, how long literally has this video been in the works? I haven't been following so close.

Justin said...

I think they've been working on it since they brought the company back in 2005.

I doubt it. Since I've been doing more recent scans I've been trying to imagine being younger today and what would impress me as the older stuff did. I just end up scanning the same old pros I've always liked. There's probably a few paragraphs I could write on that if I get some more free time.

I do see kids riding Plan B boards. I feel the brand is riding their legacy and that helps sell. Like how the mags and older skaters talk about how cool Plan B was so a kid might pick one of their boards. I don't know. I'm guessing a little. In terms of talent, the team is great, but creatively it feels bland. Also in retrospect, I don't care for a lot of the older Plan B graphics. That's been kind of a more recent re-evaluation of things.