Monday, May 12, 2014

Rick Howard #10.

It was a little surprising to see that Rick used a Buffalo Bills inspired graphic since they aren't the most prominent NFL team out there. I thought the board turned out pretty sweet.

It's cool to see Buffalo getting a lot of coverage as of late. Jake Donnelly turned pro last year and now there is a bunch of video floating around of the city. Grant Taylor did some serious damage in his Nike clip and the new Dan Plunkett part is very good.

Mike Ballard was the photographer.

Slap - July 1999 Volume 8 Number 7


rnc said...

Nice post.

Didn't Danny Way have a Chargers graphic? And TG had the 49ers. Has anyone ever done Jets or Giants?

Also, speaking of Howard, is there anywhere someone can go to read his take on leaving plan b, rocco, some wheel invoice or something?


Justin said...

I'm drawing a blank on this. Sal Barbier had a Raiders inspired graphic for H-Street. Somebody must have done Jets and Giants. I wonder if Rick's Bills was part of a series? I do not remember at all.

There was an article in Skateboarder that featured all the players in the Plan B/Girl split that explained it fairly well. Or about as well as the story is going to come out. I think it was a bunch of things and it all came together at once.