Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tony Cox #2.

Conspiracy theories.

Tony does a nollie hardflip over the wall at the Brooklyn Banks. All the feathering and special effects kind of takes away from the trick being done.

Dennis McGrath shot the sequence.

Slap - December 1997 Volume 6 Number 12


stephen said...

this dude ripped for sure but i've always had a mental block for liking this, and other 'illusion flips'. haha. if they just captioned it as a nollie pop shuv i'd be like 'wow... that's rad'.

This: fucking ill though!

Justin said...

That's a cool photo.

If a hardflip actually flips, then it is OK. A kid did one over the hip at the local park the other week. It looked good. I think the younger generation has figured out how to flip them things the right way. I've never been a fan of how inward heelflips look.