Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tom Knox #5.

Just gonna grind those trucks down to the axles and wear the shoes out until they are held together with duct tape.

Interestingly, Tom skated to fIREHOSE's "In My Mind" for his part in Speed Freaks. Ray Barbee also skated to that song a couple years later in the Firm's La Buena Vida video.

Thrasher - October 1989 Volume 9 Number 10


Justin said...

Speed Freaks:

Anonymous said...

The golden ages. Feel sorry for the kids now. Nobody dug this shit back then except 1% ers. Now everybody would diss this ad if it came out currently because it's not raw enough. What do the semi athletic but creative kids have now? Unicycles??

Bill said...

I think people would be stoked if Tom Knox put this ad out again right now. He is doing a nose bone in a pool with no pads. Some pros today are making millions doing this stuff right now. I think he made maybe a few grand a month at his peek from board sales. He was/is an all terrain ripper before anyone. He also still skates and had a part a few months ago where he recreated a bunch of tricks from Speed Freaks.