Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Greg Hunt #4.

"When I first got sponsored there was no pressure, skating was all for fun. Then all of a sudden you start getting photos in magazines, you skate around people, and you feel like people really expect something from you - whether it's the people you ride for or people watching you. At that time, for the first time ever, something came in between me and my skateboard. It used to be skating was it, me, and my board were one. For the the first time, that was gone. It's kind of awkward, but you can use that to your advantage. I really just started to appreciate what I had. I was really stoked to have pictures in magazines and be meeting all these new people and starting to travel - it pushed me a lot. I started taking skating a lot more seriously, which I do now more than ever. So this has changed the approach, but the same feeling is still there. Like when I'm skating down a hill or with my friends, 'cause that's really what it's all about - that feeling."

No. 2000

This is the 2000th post on Vert Is Dead. Other than the anniversary each May, I kind of gave up tracking the numbers until I noticed the counter was getting close to the Y2K mark and figured I'd better take note.

Greg's doing a frontside ollie to tail in the ad. The trick was in Stereo's Tincan Folflore video from 1996. He is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to San Francisco in the early 1990s. Greg rode for Real and then made the in house switch to Stereo. He retired from the pro ranks in the late 1990s and started filming videos. His vita includes the DC Video, Alien Workshop's Mind Field, and Propeller by Vans. The guy put out a couple of classic parts for Stereo. I like his style and approach to skateboarding.

For the quote: Transworld - March 1998 Volume 16 Number 3

Thrasher - July 1996 Volume 16 Number 7

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nonickname said...

Congratulations on the double millennium!
I own a DVD of Mindfield, if Vans would do the same for Propeller I'd buy one but sometimes a download isn't good enough.