Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brian Seber.


Brian is from Columbia, Pennsylvania. He rode for Goodtimes, Black Label, and Anti-Hero. He was also on Rob Erickson's Landspeed Wheels. I don't think Brian ever turned pro. He had parts in assorted Anti-Hero videos, as well as a few tricks Dan Wolfe's Eastern Exposure series. Along with Tim Upson, Brian was involved with the Hardtimes Manufacturing board company, but I'm not sure if that's still around.

I've got Capital stuff scanned and ready for the end of the week. The DC stuff will carry over into next week. I'm also figuring out what local spots, or rather former spots, to take pictures of for a feature on where I grew up skateboarding. That will be the first week in August.

The photo is by Rob Erickson.

Thrasher - May 1996 Volume 16 Number 5


nonickname said...

My suggestion would be to take those pics before anything changes. Was going on a business trip to the city where I went to University and wanted to take a pic of the biggest stair set I ever did...its now landscaped into a gently sloped walkway with no evidence of any stairs. a big let down.

Justin said...

That ship sailed a long time ago.

1. My one friend's house is now a parking lot.
2. A bank we used to skate all the time has been re-landscaped to nothing.
3. The Walmart doesn't even have curbs any more.
(How we never got kicked out of there is beyond me.)

And so on. A buddy from out of town always talks about coming to hit up the old spots. I tell him that would be cool, but none of them are there any longer.

nonickname said...

I'm like your buddy, I always think "I should try to track everyone down and we'll all go skate the high school"...then I drive past it while visiting my parents and see the parking lot was last paved in the early 90's and is a cracked disaster, the double sided curbs are gone and the mini set of stairs in the back is fenced off. Then I drive past the Tim Horton's loading dock (metal sooo fun to skate) which is also fenced off, then to the curbs at the community center (gone) and end up skating the pre-fab crap at the new small park which has no flow.