Friday, July 11, 2008

Eddie Reategui.

"We had a brotherly love and we loved skateboarding. It was never about money and we never sold out for a second. It was all worth it, every second of it."

I was never sure what I thought of Reategui back in the day. In looking through the old mags now, he got a lot of coverage. So I started doing a little investigating. He placed well in contests, skated pools and did demos. He put forth the effort and treated skateboarding with respect, as was evidenced by his interview in Thrasher from July 1990. He rode for Powell Peralta and then turned pro for Alva. He was friends with Christian Hosoi. That probably helped him out a lot, too. I'm now calling myself an Eddie Reategui fan.

Luke Hudson took the photo.

Note: Reategui had the photo for the month of April in all three Thrasher calendars I have, even when things got hella fresh in 1992. His birthday is June 28, so that wasn't the reason.

Skateboarder - August 2002 Volume 11 Number 2 (for the quote)

Thrasher 1990 Calendar

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