Monday, August 23, 2010

Phil Shao #7.

“I hardly knew him, besides shooting with him. But, you could tell he was super nice. Even though we weren’t close, we had a good talk; he was a student and not your average stoner/skateboarder guy. He actually hurt his knee on the trick in the photo. He twisted his knee and just lay on the ground and said, ‘Oh no, I’m messed up.’” - Grant Brittain

Phil was an all around ripper who passed away twelve years ago in a car accident. He rode for Think, Venture and Emerica.

Thrasher - January 1995 Volume 15 Number 1


Anonymous said...

rip to one of the most natural to do it!

ffej said...

rad! on the old Menlo Park 'crib' ramp built by all our regular crew - including Phil.

Anonymous said...

please tell me his middle name starts with an A