Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tim Upson #2.

The Updog was pro for Black Label and Anti-Hero. He kind of vanished within the last few years.

I watched the Dylan Rieder "Man Crush" video last night. That kid is on another level. I also watched his part in Mind Field before I went to bed. He was good in that, but nothing compared to the new Gravis footage. I'm not feeling the v-neck t-shirts, but that's the only thing he's doing wrong. He also does probably the biggest impossible ever. Ed Templeton must be proud.

Thrasher - January 1995 Volume 15 Number 1


Esteban™ said...

he runs a skate shop (avid) and board co (hard times) back east these days.

Jeremy M. Lange said...

Upson, always a pleasure to watch skate, glad to hear he is doing well.

That Gravis Rieder part is just on another level, I watched it twice in a row, rare for me these days

Thanks as usual for the good post

jml said...

that footage from Gravis is great!

Keith said...

That first big impossible at 1:50 in slow-mo is, like, whow. I never liked the way Ed did them. Dylan makes them look super good.