Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Karma Tsocheff #5.

I set up a new board last night. For the first time in fourteen years, it's a Consolidated deck. A Karma Tscocheff deck to be exact. The wood looks good and the top is a black stain that allows the grain to show through. The last three boards I've had have been in this color and I'm liking it.

I intended to go skate for a little bit, but that didn't happen because I couldn't find any razor blades. I still get anything I order shipped to my parents' house because they are both retired and I know somebody will be there when the UPS driver shows up. I met up with my folks after work for dinner at a mediocre national chain restaurant and then swung by their house to get my board and read the newspaper. I wanted to grip it then, but I couldn't find any new razor blades. I swear my dad has a phobia about buying new blades and keeps using the same old paint covered ones. I thought I still had some at my apartment. Nope. I needed some milk and went to the grocery store around the corner. They surprisingly did not carry razor blades. I took the milk home and then headed back out to the hardware store. Finally I got some blades and was able to set up my new board. By the time I was done, it was about 8:30 PM. I guess I could have gotten a couple more days out of my old board, but I wanted to ride a new deck. Tonight.

Thrasher - June 1995 Volume 15 Number 6


Keith said...


I always have an exacto knife around the house. I never really use razor blades for grip tape. I remember going to a shop in the 80's and seeing them use razor blades. Seemed so sketchy and the dude was high as a kite lol.

Black top boards are the best. The darker, the better.

Justin said...

Crap. I completely forgot until now I have multiple X-Acto knives and spare blades at my apartment. I even have a larger one designated for dirty work such as opening packages. I could have avoided wasting a half hour.

I always "file" the edges of the grip tape with a wrench and then cut it from underneath with a razor blade. One blade usually ends up too dull after one board, but I guess it could rough out a couple more. I like 'em nice and sharp.

Keith said...

That's funny. I'm sort of the opposite. If a blade is too fresh and sharp, I end up slivering wood, which sucks. A slightly dull blade works best for me.

Justin said...

That makes sense. I think X-Acto blades might be sharper than the average razor blade. You can watch the razor blade getting dull as you work around the board.