Friday, September 24, 2010

Paul Sharpe #3.

For all the kids out there that think Leo Romero is the first guy to grind up a handrail, he wasn't. Paul Sharpe wasn't either, but he gets to be in the Going Up Club. Other members include Jeremy Wray, Ed Templeton, probably Natas and I bet at least one rider for Shut ground or railslide the wrong way once. These are the first ones I could think of off the top of my head. Feel free to include others or make corrections.

Also Foundation was one of the first companies to embrace the internet. Although it is hard to read because of the small type size and color choice, their website and email are listed in the fine print.

Be sure to check out the Chrome Ball Incident for a great interview with Sean Sheffey.

Thrasher - August 1995 Volume 15 Number 8


smorales said...

Cool depth of focus. Paul Sharpe is proper.

iSapien 1956672 said...

he was one of the first people I saw Nollie front 180 over a garbage can in like 92-94, can't remember, I just remember being mind blown.

some poser said...

Chris Senn too

mb said...

Does Mike Carrol's one in Yeah Right! count?