Monday, July 18, 2011

Dave Carnie.

When I've been going through magazines looking for stuff to scan, I never find much I feel like using in Big Brother. I want to use things from Big Brother, but nothing ever looks good. Then it occurred to me that what set the magazine apart from the others was the quality of the writing. You looked forward each month to reading about what zany antics the crew had been up to. This product review is a perfect example of that.

Is that Earl Parker behind the product reviews header?

Note: That's a Darkstar Mako Urabe pro wheel in the middle.

Rick Kosick took the photo.

Big Brother - October 1999 Issue 53


Five-o Cheapster said...

Please, please, please more articles from Big Brother - The Bong Olympics is a classic (if you have that?)

smorales said...

God damn that was great. The subtle digs. Those ARE hiking boots. Great start to the morning.

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel about all the mags except Thrasher; Transworld, Skateboard Mag, and Skateboarder NEVER have anything worth reading in between the ads.

--Rikku Markka

justin said...

Rikku - That's exactly how I feel.

justin said...

Five-o - I'll look for the Bong Olympics. I might only have the Bong Olympics II.

And maybe some more Colin McKay. He got more coverage than half the dudes on Girl in 1999. Like a Girl and a Four Star ad in the same mag.

Five-o Cheapster said...

Cheers buddy - whatever you find is good.