Monday, July 25, 2011

Patrick O'Dell.

I said on Thursday that the next post would be epic. Sorry if you were expecting Andy Roy, Dustin Dollin or somebody along those lines.

Pat used to be a staff writer and photographer for Thrasher. He has since moved onto documenting important figures in skateboard history for Vice Magazine with his great Epicly Later'd series. He also directs the occasional music video.

Are those Vitas?

Dennis McGrath took the photo.

Big Brother - November 1999 Issue 54


Keith said...

That's a nice looking fs rock. Isn't he from a well off family or something?

Anonymous said...

That's what I heard. I went to HS with this dude Shane who married Patrick's sister. Must be stoked.

Anonymous said...

justin said...

I don't really know too much about his background outside of skateboarding and photography. From the holiday family photos he posts on Epicly Later'd, it doesn't seem like he's from anything but a middle class family. I'm pretty sure he is from Columbus, Ohio or a town very close to there.