Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alan Petersen #8.


I watched a couple of clips on the Berrics yesterday. I'd say that all the Anthony Pappalardo fans can be cautiously optimistic about him having a part in the Chocolate video based on the footage he had for a segment called Off The Grid. It won't be a return to the Photosynthesis days, but it will be more like the Lakai video if it happens. The guy hits up some raw parts of New York City. The other clip was also from the Off The Grid section and had Jason Adams shredding the streets of Hollywood. The Kid is good and did a lot of tricks that you don't necessarily associate with him. It reminded me of an old H-Street video.

Hats off to Lakai for winning KOTR.

Jai Tanju shot the sequence.

Big Brother - December 2000 Issue 67

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Keith said...

I don't think I appreciated his skating enough in the mid 90's as I should have. Saw him in person several times at contests and he always killed it in practice.

dug his first Speed Wheels part though.