Friday, September 16, 2011

Tino Razo #2.

"Cos shit just happens like that in Tino's world."

I've always liked this ad.

It will be the year 2000 on Monday.

The photo is by Rhino.

Slap - June 2001 Volume 10 Number 6


Skate Nazi said...

This dude is badass and I'm stoked you featured him at the end of the week.

Would have been extra psyched with Sean Kelling, who is Haaaaaawaaaiian, but Tino is rad as fuck too.
Shit his whole family is cool.

The first time I saw Tino he came here for a vacation and while skating at the park he was letting some scruffy little rat have a few turns on his board (which was this really sick SHUT shark deck with the pointy nose) and the kid had such a blast rolling around on it that Tino straight up gave it to him, like here, you like it, take it. Kid was soooo stoked and I was like man that's really cool of you and Tino's wife was all "he does this all the time".


justin said...

That's a great story.

It was hard leaving Sean Kelling out, but he's been on here once before and I've been trying to have a little more variety. I'll scan another one of him in a week or two.