Monday, May 7, 2012

Heath Kirchart #5.


Have The Smiths ever been used in a skateboard video? I can't think of anybody, even during the low budget days of the early 1990s. Given their popularity, this seems a little amazing that they haven't in a video. I'm guessing it must be impossible to get the rights, which is probably the reason why.

The photo is by Joe Toreno.

Transworld - April 2002 Volume 20 Number 4


wikisneedia said...

Artos part in Really Sorry. "Handsome Devil" by the Smiths

Justin said...

I haven't seen that one. I figured somebody had to have. Thanks.

Keith said...

I didn't think skate companies paid anyone for the rights to use music back in the day. I thought it was just a free for all. And only in the past 15 years or so since skateboarding started booming because the the X-Games did it become an issue.

Jim Nasium said...

Kris Markovich skated to a cover of Smiths song in the Prime video (or was it Color), Big Mouth Strikes Again, does that count?

Sean said... Alot of the ones that come up are noname local. Highlights include gonz in gnar gnar and wieger in nike's nothing but the truth.

justin said...

I'm pretty sure it was a free for all back in the day, too. Videos were getting made in such limited quantities that it didn't matter much.

I checked out the Skate Video site. There were more than I thought. But then again there are lot of vids, DVDs and other things these days.

I forgot about Nothing But The Truth. I'm going to rewatch that tonight.

Anonymous said...

IMusic rights are the reason the skateboarding world will never have the original Baker 2G released on DVD. They got served with a cease and desist letter and had to stop selling copies of the VHS.

--Rikku Markka