Friday, May 4, 2012

Leo Romero.

"I don’t want a kid leaving a demo and saying, “Why didn’t Leo skate?” I wanna skate like they see me in a video or a magazine, not pussyfoot it just because it’s a demo."

Everybody loves Leo.

Leo was an amateur for Foundation and turned pro for them. He switched to Baker for a few years before switching again to Toy Machine. He has been on Emerica the entire time. Leo won Thrasher's SOTY in 2010. He was sponsored by RVCA until he went with Jimmy Arrighi to ride for his new Eswic clothing venture.

The San Dieguito Handrail Challenge was a contest held at the Coup D'État in 2002. The Coup D'État was an alternative to the ASR trade show cooked up by Tod Swank. It was held across the street from the convention center at the San Diego Children's Museum. I think the contest itself involved the hand rail from the San Dieguito school that was featured in a lot of skateboard videos, including Birdhouse's The End and numerous Zero videos. Or it might have had a replica of the Rincon stair set. I did a quick search of Transworlds last night for more specifics, but didn't find anything and gave up to go skateboarding. Whatever they did the carcass toss on, Billy Marks was the overall winner.

The quote is from an interview with Rob Brink conducted in 2010.

Big Brother - December 2002 Number 91

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