Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ronnie Bertino #3.

When I took the look back at Plan B's Questionable video in September, I only used one Plan B ad over those two weeks. The early ads had something interesting about them, but truthfully they weren't great in terms of design. They were almost too basic. In compiling scans for this part of Plan B's history, I noticed the ad quality improved greatly. The layouts tended to be arty enough to make them stand out without overdoing it.

Ronnie had been riding for Blind and made an in-house sponsor change to Plan B. He had ridden for Alva and Think before Plan B, 23 after and then finished out his pro career on ATM. Ronnie helped pioneer a lot of tech switch tricks, such as 360 frontside ollies and backside lipslides.

Jody Morris was the photographer.

Transworld - November 1995 Volume 13 Number 11

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