Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sal Barbier #4.

The Swamp Rat travels from demo to demo.

The photos are by Jody Morris.

Transworld - February 1996 Volume 14 Number 2


Anonymous said...

Thought slb was already doing 23 1996? Was He in an honorary role like Hensley?

Keith said...

^ I thought so as well. Did he have any pro models on Plan B after virtual reality? Or by the time the rest of the guys left for Girl?

Justin said...

These photos would be from tours in 1995 since they were in the February issue of Transworld. The general time from tour to print in the 90s was about four or five months. Give or take any laziness.

Sal would have been working behind the scenes at Plan B in 1995. This was probably his last ad for them. I went though my stack of mags from 95 to 98 before I scanned anything and wrote down who was in each month. This was the only one with Sal.

Lucas said...

The first 23 ads appeared in summer '96—so probably in an early '97 issue of Transworld.