Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eric Nash #2.

The Crusher.

Has anybody tried Ventures since they shifted to under the Deluxe umbrella? I got a new set of trucks for Christmas and I'm curious as to if there are any differences. I noticed right off the bat the bushings are white instead of the purple that I'm used to. I've got plenty of leftover parts stockpiled so that change doesn't really concern me. I've been riding some older Ventures for a few years and they are just about done.

Thrasher - March 1989 Volume 9 Number 3


Anonymous said...

ventures are deluxe now??.whoa didnt see that one the hanger still all in the way and weird and difficult getting skatetool access to the hardware???i used to hate that shit...i remember i had the first "featherlights" or whatever they had bright green bushings and the wholes in the baseplates eliminated access weight for those shove it late flips and were the shit in 92xxo

justin said...

They moved a year or two ago.

The hanger still is somewhat over the front bolts. I always use a crescent wrench so it isn't a big deal. I remember the green bushings.

Random Matt said...

I would guess the only change is distribution. Ermico foundry (which pours Indy, Thunder, and Venture) is located next door to Deluxe so it's not like production would change.