Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fred Smith.

The Loud One.

Fred rode for Alva in the 1980s. The word straight from the mouth of Tony Alva is that he never actually turned pro, yet had a board with his name on it that outsold a number of other pro's models. After Alva changed to New School, Fred was still on the team. It looks like he is hooked up with Bill Danforth's American Nomad these days. Fred is currently a tattoo artist at American Tattoo in Newport, Rhode Island. I believe he was in one of Thrasher's King Of The Road tour videos. He is also playing bass in a band called The Loud Ones.

Thrasher - January 1990 Volume 10 Number 1


ruenone78 said...

i think he used to own skate hut in olnyville (providen) ri? place was sick...its in the worst run down/industrialized neighborhood...my parents used to drop me off there when i was 12...i also saw a photo in the thrasher book of him skating his backyard ramp in dighton ma...where in dighton did he live? (just for curiosity purposes)...im also trying to start a northeast skateboarding blog...any info or input or contributions would be rad...its eary 90s inspired...vert is dead is sick, thanks for the stokexxo

Justin said...

Yes, Fred did own Skate Hut. I know he is from Mass., but I don't know anything beyond that.

Good luck on the website. Send me a link once you've got something.

ruenone78 said...


Justin said...

Cool. I'll add you to the links in day or two.