Thursday, September 12, 2013

Joey Pepper #2.

The Passenger.

Joey rode for Rhythm before Aesthetics and is riding for Expedition currently. He also scored a pro model shoe on Huf. Joey is into woodworking and works at 3rd Ward Wood Shop in Brooklyn.

Has anybody tried Huf's shoes?

I've been running Fallen's Patriot II model for my last three or four pairs of shoes because those are what I'm looking for in footwear. Cupsole, beefy toe area, reasonably padded all over, decent colorways.

Big Brother - November 2000 Issue 66


Justin said...

Here's Joey's website:

Skately said...

Just happened to stumble across his site earlier this week, and was blown away. My wife wants one of the lamps. Amazing work! And an equally amazing skater!!

Keith said...

Killing it with Aesthetics week!

Such a sick team.

Anonymous said...

you should do an early nineties clothing week. zero sophisto, fresh jive, gypsies and theives, ghetto wear, t-bags, big deals. I would love to see some of those ads.
Take care.

Justin said...

Gimme a little bit on that, but it is doable.