Monday, September 9, 2013

Rob Welsh #2.

Kickin' Aesthetics week off with the other chain smoking pro from Maine.

Aesthetics was Sal Barbier's company after Twenty Three came to an end. The team also included Clyde Singleton, Kevin Taylor, Joey Pepper, and John Igei. It lasted until the mid 2000s when Sal closed up shop and took the whole team over to Zoo York, which has to be one of the odder moves in skateboarding. Aesthetics had some clean and fresh designs for ads and graphics.

Work has been hectic as a couple people have been out and I've had to spend a lot of time fixing some machines. Hence the later update. I think things should be a little more normal the rest of the week.

Big Brother - December 2000 Issue 67

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Keith said...

amazing! Welsh is sick.