Friday, December 27, 2013

Allen Losi #2.

All the nation's airports.

I got the Zero and Fallen DVDs for Christmas. There's something depressing about watching dudes skateboard in the tropics when it is 25˚ outside with six inches of snow on everything.

Anyway, the Fallen video is nice. It's not the type of thing you are probably going to watch more than once or twice, yet it is enjoyable. Rather than have normal parts from each rider, the Road Less Traveled has parts made from each trip the team went on. There is a lot of location footage and stories from the various team riders. It can be a little hard keeping track of who is who at times, but that is a trivial problem.

I had seen some of the Zero video when it was on Thrasher's website. It's a different viewing experience watching from the couch on a TV. I don't think I'd seen the first half of Cold War and I was pleasantly surprised. It's classic no frills Zero editing set to vintage punk rock for the most part. When you've got a formula that works, there is no sense in deviating from it. James Brockman, Ben Hatchell, Nick Boserio, Tony Cervantes, and Tom Karangelov deliver quality parts. I'm stoked on what Cervantes is doing and Karangelov went all Heath by wearing all white. It was great to see a full part from John Rattray, too. I wasn't feeling the music for some of the parts that I saw online, but it seemed a little better in the living room. Jamie Thomas went all out and everybody knows how raw Tommy Sandoval and Dane Burman are.

Thrasher - November 1988 Volume 8 Number 11

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