Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tom Groholski #5.

The Jersey Devil.

I got the latest CCS catalog yesterday and I saw something that shouldn't be for sale in it:

Vision is making Gator reissue boards.

This is glorifying a murderer. Including Gator in a team section of legends on your website is tasteless. Yes, he was good at skateboarding and an important figure in the 1980s, but he failed as person by killing his girlfriend. There is no reason to be making or selling this product.

The photo is by O.

(Sorry, Tom and O.)

Transworld - May 1990 Volume 8 Number 5


Derek said...

Vision started reissuing Gator models several years ago. I'm curious if his victim's family is receiving the board royalties.

Back on topic, Tom Groholski is one of the best vert skaters to have come from the East Coast. The episode of "Jeff Grosso's Love Letters to Skateboarding" that featured him is a must-see.

Justin said...

The new ones say Gator. The old ones just said Vision. I doubt anyone beyond Brad Dorfman is receiving royalties. They also have a Gonz board, which is just odd. The Vision Street Wear website doesn't say much of anything.

Groholski is rad.

Anonymous said...

Ali Boulala killed Shane Cross and he still has a model out with Flip. But, I agree with you; these guys should NOT be glorified, nor rewared with royalties from board sales, etc.

--Rikku Markka

Anonymous said...

Gator did not kill his girlfriend. He killed her friend.

Anonymous said...

Just checked their website. They have re-issued more than one of his boards. Pretty fucked up to make money off of a murderer and rapist. Is Brad Dorfman still involved?

Justin said...

I do not know if Dorfman is still involved. All of this is rather shady.

Noted, Anonymous. I will edit this when I get a chance.

Keith said...

Pretty sure Dorfman still runs Vision and has a board press factory. It's called Select/Westside.

Gator re-issue is such a terrible idea. And the Gonz one renaming it 'original' is terrible.

I doubt any pro gets paid from those Vision re-issues

Anonymous said...

Do not buy anything from Vision, as Dorfman is and has cashed in on our names, blood, sweat & tears the whole time. He's taken advantage of us without contracts & re-issued our decks without paying proper royalties.

Justin said...

I was wondering about that. Wasn't planning on buying anything from Vision anyway.