Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dylan Rieder #3.

Dylan dropped a bombshell on the skateboard footwear world with his fancy kicks in 2009. The unusual shoe was followed up with a ridiculously good video part in the summer of 2010. After Gravis folded last year, Dylan took his feet over to Keith Hufnagel's self titled shoe brand.

Gravis was a Burton supported shoe company. It was started in the late 1990s as chilling shoes for snowboarders, or something along those lines. Over the years, things changed and they made a go of the skateboard footwear market. The team included Dylan, Arto Saari, Javier Mendizabel, Sammy Winter, Jake Johnson, and Steve Forstner.

Shoe: Transworld - December 2009 Volume 27 Number 12

Skate: Thrasher - July 2009 Volume 29 Number 7


ODG said...

I will never get how he can skate in shoes like that.. and skate well nonetheless...

rnc said...

Remember when you knew dude was a skater by his shoes? Is that totally gone today? The only one that makes me think skate these days is lakai maybe

Justin said...

Those shoes look painful to walk in. I can't imagine doing anything involving movement in them.

I think you just have to look for the ollie wear.