Friday, June 27, 2014

Al Partanen #5.

Parts in a pool.

Vert Is Dead is on a break until Monday, July 14th. I'm worn out on doing this so I'm taking a little extra time off. I will be posting a week of women skateboarders when things start up again. Feel free to leave any requests in the comments.

The photo is by Brendan Klein.

Thrasher Photo Annual 2008


dylan digits said...

Apart from Lori Rigsby, Cara Beth Burnside, Leaf Trennen, and Anita Tennesohn-- all of whom were sponsored by Powell Peralta in some form in the 80s-- I can't think of any other women who were sponsored and shown in an ad or other media during that period. Was PP the only board manufacturer who repped the women?

(I think Cara Beth had an Indy ad at some point, but I'm curious primarily about board sponsors.)

Justin said...

There were a few women here and there in the mags, more often Thrasher.

Saecha Clarke was sponsored by World and Venture around 1991 or so. She had a Venture ad where she was boardsliding a handrail.

You might be thinking of Lori Rigsby for the Indy ad:

Anonymous said...

Requests = Will Harmon, Danny Gonzales,Michael Seiben, or Lucian Moon

dylan digits said...

Oops, my mistake on that Indy ad. Lori Rigsby, indeed.

I forgot about Saecha! I googled her and found a photo of her riding what seems to be an Acme Slip-n-Slide in 1992. ( , page 30)

Also came up with her IMDB page, which yielded this result: "SK8Hers", with Cara-Beth and Diane Desiderio. "Check out this fresh sound track while watching the top women skateboarders in Califotnia shred radical terrain in a realm formerly reserved for the boys club." I hope someone has this up on youtube.

Justin said...

Hey anonymous, can you come up with one other request, plus an alternate in case I can't find any Lucian Moon?

That gives me material for a week.

I've been meaning to scan this one Will Harmon ad, but never bothered. Hope I didn't jinx myself on being able to find it now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah how about Nanda Zipp or Tony Cox?

Justin said...

I'll see what I can do. I just realized Will Harmon rode for Channel One and not Foundation. I dug up some vintage Seiben.