Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jim Duhamel.

Talking about my generation.

Jim had parts in both New School videos. He previously had ridden for Blockhead. One of his pro models had a Notre Dame Fighting Irish graphic. That's about all I got.

A few items on Vert Is Dead have been getting a lot of page views lately and I can't tell where the traffic is coming from. The one Joe Lopes post on this site has been getting a ton of hits. It looks like Joe would have turned 50 last week if he was still around. A Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu Big Brother cover has been racking up the views, which I'm assuming is based on the new enjoi video. Also Rob Mertz from Friday has had more page views than normal. It looks like the referring URLs are mostly from Facebook so that doesn't exactly help pin down any answers.

The photo is by Marc Hostetter.

Transworld - March 1994 Volume 12 Number 3


White Ninja said...

I am from n.e.

ma. duhammel lived over the line in CT. his moms house had a tennis court upgraded to a street section, which we rode when we were kids. even when he went west, we could still skate there. which I thought was cool. under rated east coast rider. thx

Justin said...

That is good to know.