Monday, November 3, 2014

Pete Mihalenko.

It's New School week.

New School was what Alva changed into in the early 1990s. Tony Alva wanted to keep up with the changes in skateboarding and shifted the board company more toward street skating with a new team. Alva and business partner John Falahee parted ways and Falahee kept doing New School. He would later add ATM Click and Arsenal to his list of companies.

Pete had parts in both New School videos, the promo from 1993 and Slash Dogs from 1994. I ordered those videos at college because they were cheap and skateboard flicks were a little hard to come by in a small town in Pennsylvania. You broke university students of today have it easy with the YouTube. Anyway, both vids have some decent ripping and some skating of that era that doesn't hold up very well. Slash Dogs is a little more polished. Pete does some solid tech skating and hits up a few bigger gaps.

Ever feel like you didn't get your homework done and then the teacher picks on you in class? I watched Slash Dogs on Friday and intended to take more notes, but didn't. I'm doing most of this from memory and there was not a lot of info on the New School team.

Transworld - February 1994 Volume 12 Number 2


stephen said...

That's a great photo. Big bs flip for the time too

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I forgot this name. There was photo of him boardsliding a kinked rail that was sick too. Seeing this immediately made me think of the sequence of Bobby Kuhns BS noseblunt revert on a spine.

--Rikku Markka

nonickname said...

no matter what new school will always conjure up the image of an "eight ball" and really weird concave on skinny decks.

Justin said...

I forgot all about the Eight Ball. I'm going to dig through some CCS catalogs tonight to get a sense of the graphics.

Damian Stachelski said...

Hey, I have one of the first New School videos in my Dropbox and wanted to share the link here with you. If you could possibly promote/share this link, I’d like to have more people know about this video. It was a collab Video they had done with Public (Ed Reategui’s company) in 1991 and is a full length. I think this is the 2nd New School video is there was also a promo released the same year.