Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jaya Bonderov #5.


The late Jaya Bonderov ollies into a noseslide on a ledge at EMB.

A few different companies were toying around with slick bottom boards around this time. B.B.C., Naked, and Santa Cruz were three of the first to sell decks with a pop dulling plastic coating on them. Soon everybody followed and the marketplace was inundated with variations on the concept. Fortunately, this trend was short lived and plain wood regained its place as the choice deck material.

I only had a handful of slicks and it was confined to 1992. I know I had a New Deal Danny Sargent, a Mike Carroll Nevertrend, a Chris Pastras from Blue, and a Sal Barbier Low Rider. I think that was all. There were a few regular wooden boards in there as well.

Is anybody still making slicks today?

Thrasher - June 1991 Volume 11 Number 6


Ben said...

The first ever slick I saw was at Savannah Slamma 3. It was a B.B.C. board. The graphic said prototype and was hand numbered.

Ben said...

While searching for a photo of a BBC ever slick I found this. WTF!!!!!!!!

ilana said...

Real has put out slicks for a couple of years now in both generic team logo and an Ishod model. It's supposedly lighter, thinner material than the heavy plastic from days of yore. I'm curious to try it; I was always happy in the early 90s to not have to wax and to have my deck last twice as long. I loved my Thomas Morgan "smoking bird" AW slick. Weight, schmeight.

Anonymous said...

I had the pictured deck, with some matching black A1 Meats Cleaver wheels. I also had the Salman Agah fairy slick, as well as an Alien Workshop slick, and too many to remember. My friends used to cut a piece of the slick off on the tail to get the pop of a non-slick.

--Rikku Markka

Justin said...

I thought I saw a couple slicks somewhere. It seems like the technology would be better today to make plastic less of a bad idea.

I had a Thomas Morgan in wood with the frog on it. That board was really good.

nonickname said...

santa cruz still does and the real decks have had some good reviews. I had more than a few slick decks, mostly from Channel One as my friend was sponsored by them, also had a Ray Barbee The Firm which I loved