Friday, July 31, 2015

Javier Mendizabal #4.

Creme Brulee.

Thrasher - April 2005 Volume 25 Number 4


nonickname said...

Just back from a street party where a little slanted, very dodgy wobbly "jump ramp" was put together with scraps for kids to ride bikes off. I was challenged by a parent to ollie up the back of it...took about 8 tries but finally landed a few. Unfortunately not thinking beforehand I was going to actually skate, as opposed to just eat and drink, my vans eras chill shoes are shredded. lesson learned.

Justin said...

Sounds like a fun time.

I went skateboarding on Sunday morning to break in new shoes. I knew nobody would be there and could spend the time getting used to them. I wound up staying about two and a half hours. One friend was in town to visit family and another guy I used to skate with came down from Buffalo to skate. I'm trying to figure out if I got a tan or a burn.

nonickname said...

but more importantly for us old guys...what kind of shoes and how'd you feel afterwards? I just blew out my old shoes and have a pair of half cabs waiting to be skated, but after the weekend am thinking I should get a beefier pair of cupsoles.

nonickname said...

also in this heat/humidity (guessing Ontario/New York dealing with the same temps) how'd you skate so long?

Justin said...

I got two pairs of these cupsoles from Huf last fall. I think they were called the Legend. They discontinued them, which sucks. I just finished off the one pair and started on the second. The soles are different between the two. The first were thinner and stiffer, but lasted a long time. The new pair are thicker and more comfortable, I just can't feel anything right now. I'm hoping they last as long as the first pair, if not longer.

This is my favorite type of weather. Nothing hurts and everything feels good. It was about 75-80˚ F every night last week by the time I went skating. No wind off the lake, which was so calm. I'm not into the bright sunlight, but I had other commitments the rest of the day so I had to go in the morning.