Monday, July 20, 2015

Louie Barletta #3.

I wish I was 37 again.

Let's get this thing going again with a quick look at some of the characters in enjoi's recent Oververt video from the end of 2014. The flick featured veterans you all know and love like Louie, Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo, Cairo Foster, Nestor Judkins, and Wieger Van Wageningen. There were also a few new faces with Ben Raemers, Zach Wallin, Blue Turner, and Jimmy Carlin (FFWD) having parts. I've been watching Oververt often as of late. I don't have the same amount of free time I did when I was younger to watch it every day in the summer like I did with H-Street's Hokus Pokus, but it's been in the DVD player a lot. The panda crew made an enjoyable video that makes you want to go skateboarding. As always for a company that never uses actual skateboard riding in their ads, they deliver the on-board stunts on film.

Louie started off riding for Sonic and Maple before Marc Johnson requested he ride for enjoi. He's been there ever since, although he has now taken on the role of brand manager. This ad would have been from the Bag Of Sucks era. Is Duffs still around? Louie switched over to Globe in the last couple of years.

If you happen to be in the Santa Monica area, check out the art of Tripper Dungan at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery. Dungan is a painter and musician based in Portland, Oregon. He made a couple of pieces on skateboards for the exhibit. Bunny Board is shown above. The work of Bwana Spoons is also featured. Based on the gallery website, Spoons appears to have at least one painting of a dinosaur riding a skateboard. The show runs until August 14th.

Skateboarder - October 2006 Volume 16 Number 2

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