Monday, April 17, 2017

Ricky Oyola #8.

Letter to Memphis.

Memphis was a short lived shoe brand from the early 2000s. The name came up on the Slap boards a while ago and I filed it away as something to look for. Granted I didn't look very hard and stumbled upon the ad as I was looking for other stuff. I think Ricky was the only team rider. Thrasher had a pair of the shoes as a prize for a monthly contest. I suppose they look good enough for the well padded cupsoles that were popular around this time. I wonder if the Velocity name was a tip of the hat to Airwalk or a mere coincidence?

Thrasher - April 2003 Volume 23 Number 4


nonickname said...

they look like a bigger/puffier MC Rap knock off. Honestly never heard of these.

Rikku Markka said...

Can there be a whole week of short-lived shoe brands? What about Genetic shoes, which I think out of the Airwalk company. I never heard of Memphis.

--Rikku Markka

Justin said...

I don't think anybody really heard of Memphis. I doubt they ran ads for more than a few months. No idea if the shoes ever made it to the marketplace. The guy who brought them up on the Slap boards did find a couple more ads to scan.

Genetic was Airwalk trying to get hip and had ads with the pros being infected with scary looking diseases.

There's a few shoe companies I've thought about doing weeks on like Recs and 4CE. Some of the brands that populated the back pages of Big Brother and Transworld in the early 2000s are a touch on the cheesy side.

I know I've already had Nadia and Beloe on here. Feels like there might be one or two others that I can't recall at the moment.