Friday, June 16, 2017

Brandon Biebel #4.

"That kid's good, man." - Rick Howard

Lakai released a tour video called Beware of the Flare in 2002. It was made during a trip around Europe in March and April of that year. The team stopped in England, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal for demos and street skating. Dan Wolfe, Ty Evans, and Atiba Jefferson handled camera and production duties. The skaters on the trip were Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Scott Johnston, Anthony Pappalardo, Brandon Biebel, Rob Welsh, and Marc Johnson. JJ Rousseau and Lucas Puig make appearances as well. Jeff Lenoce and Cairo Foster pop up at the end of the video, with Lenoce in Florida and Foster closing the vid with his only trick. It's a nosegrind on the bottom half of a double set handrail so that is just fine.

Beware of the Flare is mostly demo and park skating. There's an MJ cover in it with a backside 5-0 down a big hubba. Carroll and Pops were taken out by injuries so there's not much of them. Rick Howard clocks a lot of on board time as well as Scott Johnston. This might be the most footage Scott has put out in any one place. Rob Welsh rattles off a lot of tricks. Biebel is shredding and this is probably what put him on the path to joining the pro ranks. All and all, it's a good little video.

Vert Is Dead will be back on Monday, July 3rd.

I'm worn out and need a break. Topics for the future include Capital/Washington D.C. and famous bowls. I'd like to put a little something together on the first King of the Road contest, too. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

Thrasher - December 2000 Volume 20 Number 12


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your new post ideas. Keep up the great work .

nonickname said...

again just want to say a big "thanks" for this, it's really appreciated.

Maurice said...

I appreciate your hard work, too.
What about a personal favorites theme? Something you liked, or that really stood out to you, and why.

Anonymous said...

What Maurice said^^^^^^

stephen said...

i'm partial to the 'golden years' (late 80's to very early 90's) myself haha. also, as stated above, thank you much for doing this blog!!!

Justin said...

Thanks for the support.

I picked a good time to take off. Work has been all kinds of crazy.

I've got a quick and somewhat abstract look back at the first King of the Road scanned and ready for next week (7/3).

I started looking up stuff for Washington DC. It's probably just going to be a week of Capital ads. They had some cool ones. They also had a million wheel companies. I'm piecing together a week or two of random mid 90s stuff, too.

The late 80s/early 90s stuff is starting to get very lean for what I haven't scanned as yet. I save that era for December. I sent a letter to Transworld asking about the availability of older issues and I never heard anything back.

The mid to late 90s still have a lot of unused material, but I try to use that sparingly.

I've mostly covered my favorites on here already over the years. I reached a point where nearly everything I wanted to have on here from when I started doing this has been posted. Not all of it, but most of it. It's all scattered throughout the site. That's why I started catering more towards requests at times. There's more than a few items I'm surprised I even posted because it wasn't stuff I ever planned on using in the beginning.

My favorites tend to be a little bit flexible depending on what mood I'm in. I'd probably have to break it down for different time periods. There's also sometimes a difference between what I liked back then and what I like now from the same time frame. That could actually be an interesting topic.

I would like to scan stuff from the two annual issues of Skateboarder from 1997 and 98, but I need to see how much of a pain it would be since the pages are larger than my scanner.

I'm kicking the tires on the idea of taking photos of old skate spots in my town for a week. That could be a lot of fun.

Maurice said...

What you liked then vs. what you like now is a great topic. It's almost like music you were into when you were younger, but now you like something different.

Maurice said...

Yeah man, take some photos of old spots. You could write about them, if anything notable or funny or interesting happened there. Or just whatever.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, take pictures of old spots! Get a old curb in there.