Friday, June 2, 2017

Reuben Sawyer.

Fine Art Friday.

Reuben is an artist who has done work for a number of bands, including Russian Circles, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, Thou, and a whole lot more. He's a musician, too. I might even have a tape he has put out. I listen to a lot of stuff that falls under the vaguely defined sphere that is noise and/or experimental music. I don't usually expect to see the bands I listen to in Thrasher so it was a nice surprise to see Suzy Poling's name in the article. She's an accomplished visual artist who also releases awesome records of otherworldly electronic music under the name Pod Blotz. In other music news, I saw Pharmakon last night. It was a straight up face melter of a gig.

It will be the early days of Lakai on Monday.

The photo is by Jeff Davis.

Thrasher - August 2016 Volume 37 Number 8

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