Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ben Liversedge & Matt Reason.

The early days of Liversedge and Reason. I like Ben's chopped off Vans. With all the mid and high tops currently on the market, this is a trend that needs to come back. Or maybe not.

What was the deal with 777? I don't think they were done by Intensity Skates as a precursor to Capital because the phone numbers didn't match up.

Matt does a switch stance nose slide to 5-0 to frontside board slide. Ledge dancing circa 1993. (More likely late 1992 since the ad is from March.)

Photo: Pickle Boy

Ben: Transworld - February 1993 Volume 11 Number 2

Matt: Transworld - March 1993 Volume 11 Number 3


Anonymous said...

777 was very short-lived, but even managed top wrangle Kien Lieu, aka Donger, Caine Gayle, and even Dave Duren. I always thought of them akin to companies like Acme and Channel One; no pro models, just team boards.

As for Ben's shoes, we used to buy the hightop Vans, immediately cut them to lowtops, and then duct tape them. Then came Half Cabs, and cutting was no longer necessary.

--Rikku Markka

Keith said...

There's a dunk hi coming soon that harks back to the early 90's cut down hightop.

IIRC 777 was run but a dude who had a prior affiliation with H-Street. Can't remember who though. I sent them a sponsor me tape but didn't hear back from them lol

For sure not related to Capital. There was a gap of a year of two between the companies.

justin said...

I was wondering about a possible Intensity connection because of the Maryland address. The state isn't exactly like California and overflowing with skateboard companies. 777 did have a good collection of guys who would soon be pro. Having somebody who was down with H-Street would explain why Donger wound up riding for them.

Some of the Lakai high tops look like they are in need of a trim and stickers to make them a decent shoe.

Lucas said...

Despite its Maryland mailing address, Dave Andrecht was behind 777.

Keith said...

Dave Andrecht! There it is.